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TourMIS provides services of a scientific nature and compiles statistics of all kinds, including the relating analyses, forecasts and statistical models that go beyond the interests of an individual Land. The web pages of TourMIS contains statistical information concerning economic, demographic, social, ecological and cultural matters that is made available to the general public.

Management of MODUL University Vienna GmbH: Mag. Christian Hoffmann

Chief developer of TourMIS: Prof. Mag. Dr. Karl Wber


TourMIS is protected by copyright with all rights reserved by MODUL University Vienna GmbH. TourMIS consists of statistics of various sources which are presented in tables and graphs. If the contained material is accurately reproduced and the original source is quoted it is permitted to reproduce, distribute, make publicly available and process the content. If data content such as tables, graphics or text published retrieved on TourMIS is partially used, displayed or otherwise changed, a note must be added at an adequate position to show data was extracted or adapted.

Exclusion of Liability

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MODUL University Vienna GmbH and all contributors to the website researched and compiled the contents herein with due care. However, errors cannot be entirely excluded. MODUL University Vienna GmbH and all contributors cannot guarantee the correctness, accuracy and completeness of the contents and therefore cannot assume liability for any type of loss or damage that results, directly or indirectly, from the use of the contents of this website.

In addition to our own content, we offer external links to information provided by other suppliers. This external information does neither originate from MODUL University Vienna GmbH, nor is MODUL University Vienna GmbH able to influence the content of websites of third parties. MODUL University Vienna GmbH is not responsible for the content of other websites to which it refers in the above sense only. The providers of these contents are exclusively responsible for their contents.

In the event of a dropout or shutdown of the website due to technical or organisational problems, no claims - irrespective of the type - may be asserted against MODUL University Vienna GmbH.

Privacy statement about the management of user data

  1. Collection and processing of user data
  2. In general, user can visit TourMIS without leaving any personal information. If a user registers or uses specific functions of the online information system TourMIS, personal data will be requested and stored in a database. Detailed information on the type and volume of personal data is disclosed in the respective registration form. All personal data collected by TourMIS will be stored on secure servers in Austria.

  3. Usage of user data
  4. TourMIS uses personal data of its users primarily for access control and for statistical purposes. Under certain conditions TourMIS users will receive special data input rights, which authorizeses users to enter statistical data into TourMIS. In addition, all users may contribute to public forums for communicating with other TourMIS users and to the public. Users with special input rights and users communicating in public forums can be identified by their name in TourMIS.

  5. Sharing personal data
  6. MODUL University Vienna GmbH does not share personal data collected by TourMIS with other organizations.

  7. Use of cookies
  8. TourMIS does not use cookies.

  9. Data security
  10. User data in TourMIS is protected by access control and electronically by a firewall. Personal user data is exclusively accessible by other users and by authorised computer.MODUL University Vienna GmbH protects its online information system TourMIS with technical tools and organizational measures to avoid loss, demage, access, manipulation or dissemination of user data by unauthorized persons. Users are requested to treat their password confidentially and to logout after finishing their work with TourMIS, particularly when they share their computer with other users.

  11. User's right of access to his or her personal data
  12. According to Austrian Data Protection Act users have the right to receive information about their data stored in an online information systems. In TourMIS every user can inspect, edit and delete their personal data profile by a link in the main menue.

  13. Consent and revocation
  14. During the registration and order process users explicitly provide consent to the storing and processing of their personal data in a form as it is required by the online information system TourMIS. MODUL University Vienna GmbH notifies users that they can always revoke this agreement. During the registration process users may also agree to receive a newsletter with information tailor-made to their needs. Users can always decide to unsubscribe the TourMIS newsletter by disabling the newsletter checkbox in "Edit user profile" available in the main menue.

  15. Contact details for questions related to data security and protection
  16. For questions related to the data collection, dissemination or usage of personal data of TourMIS users are kindly requested to be sent to or to the chief developer of TourMIS.

  17. Note
  18. As technology and online information systems are developing fast, data protection and data security procedures must be revised accordingly, consequently this data protection declaration and terms of use must be adjusted accordingly. MODUL University Vienna GmbH serves the right to send TourMIS users information when changes take place. In addition, it is strongly recommended that users regularly visit the TourMIS website and inform themselves about the current data protection declaration and terms of use. MODUL University Vienna GmbH declares that it will not introduce any significant changes of its data protection declaration or terms of use without asking approval by each individual TourMIS user.

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