TourMIS, T-Mona, mechanism in retreaving and processing the data

2015-04-22 08:56 von anom
Dear TourMIS, greetings. My name is Anom, i'm fro Bali, Indonesia. I'am currently studying TourMIS, as well as The Carribean CTO-MIST and the Australian ATDW. I have 2 questions concerning the TourMIS and the T-Mona. I found that T-Mona survey s one of data source for TourMIS. How is the mechanism of TourMIS in retrieving data from T-Mona? what is the mechanism in processing the data?. Thank you.

2015-04-22 09:58 von kuprian
Dear Anom, greetings from Austria! T-MONA, the national holiday Survey, does not serve as source for TourMIS. In TourMIS statistics on arrivals and overnights in Austria as well as in other European countries and cities are displayed. Kind regards, Bettina Kuprian, Austrian National Tourist Office