UK outbound air (leisure) traffic by destination country

2012-06-11 20:01 von zino
Trying to source air passenger traffic out of the UK over the last 5 - 10 years, with:
- total outbound by various airports
- destination countries and if possible region (namely Madeira - FNC airport - within Portugal)

With this data I hope to be able to see:
- passenger (and aircraft) evolution of UK to Portugal (and especially to FNC) from various UK airports
- how this compares to total UK outbound
- if we can observe any migration of preference from one destination to another from the UK

If you can point me to the data source I would be very grateful.

Many thanks

2012-06-12 10:33 von kuprian
From TourMIS you can retrieve data on arrivals/overnights of UK-tourists to other european countries. Go to: Tourism in Europe - Nights&Arrivals - Annual data - select the table "arrivals or nights of a market in all ETC destinations" - select the relevant information, market uk and period. Another source for UK-arrivals/nights in european destinations would be Eurostat - statistics - browse/search database - tables by themes - industry, trade and services - tourism