Welcome to TourMIS!
TourMIS is a Marketing-Information-System for tourism managers. The major aim of TourMIS is to provide information and decision support for tourism managers and scholars. Therefore, TourMIS provides on-line tourism survey data, as well as various tools to transform data into precious management information.Since 2000 this initiative has provided the tourism industry with predominantly free access to overall data and functions of TourMIS (registration is required).TourMIS is open to all authorized tourism organizations, societies, tourism consultants, companies, tourism training centres, pressure groups, etc. in Austria and abroad. By covering the maintenance costs, a consortium of the most important initiators of market research projects in Austria and Europe guarantee the continuous updating of the comprehensive database. The programme modules contained in the method-base are developed according to the specific requirements of tourism managers at the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management at MODUL University Viennacontact: Dr. Karl W÷ber). The development of TourMIS is financially supported by the Austrian National Tourist Office and the European Travel Commission.

TourMIS can be used by any Internet browser, however, for full functional support Microsoft Explorer is recommended.

Technical Components
Data in TourMIS is maintained in form of a relational database. Inserting and maintaining data is done by means of a web-based user interface. All pages in TourMIS are generated dynamically. The hardware is located at MODUL University Vienna (1190 Vienna, Am Kahlenberg 1, Austria, Europe). Backup is organized daily and saved at a different location.
TourMIS currently runs on a HP Server with
two 2,27GHz Intel Xeon CPUs and
6 GB Memory.
The operating system is Windows Server 2008R.
TourMIS has been developed with various software products:
Database server: MS SQL Server Enterprise Edition,
MS Internet Information Server,
database access is achieved by ActiveState Perl.